Friday, June 28, 2013

LOGOS English Camp

This summer LOGOS International Language School (started by GoodSports Hungary) held its 3rd annual Summer English Camp. We had 22 campers, 6 American teachers/assistants, 7 Hungarian teachers/translators/helpers, and 1 German photographer/assistant.

The kids arrived early in the morning and had an hour of play time before starting their English lessons. They were divided into 3 groups based on age and language ability. Each day we had new topics for vocabulary and grammar instruction. After lunch we had games and crafts for the afternoon activities.

It was a rather hot week, so water balloons and water guns were frequently a part of the afternoon activities! They also got to create something from clay (a potter friend of ours came in to give a demo/lesson) and later in the week they got to paint it. We had the Hungarian equivalent of D.A.R.E. come one afternoon to do a drug prevention seminar. The boys from the Mikepercs Black Sox came out to teach baseball, and Courtney McKenzie (Kara's sister) did a Tae Kwon Do demonstration which included a talk about good sportsmanship.

During the week each class prepared and rehearsed something to perform for the parents on Friday afternoon. The most advanced class did "Little Red Riding Hood," and the beginning classes joined forces to perform "The Ant and the Grasshopper" and a song entitled "I Can Count to 100!"

I (Kara) along with my mother, sister, and good friend spent the week instructing these kids in the morning English sessions. We had several special moments with the kids - including a chance to share the gospel, while teaching the days of the week!

The Ant & The Grasshopper
The Ant & The Grasshopper
Goofing off during afternoon games
Kara teaching the older beginners
Older beginners
Courtney & Nori teaching the advanced class
Tae Kwon Do lesson
Tae Kwon Do demonstration
Pottery with Doddl
The teacher's prep for lessons
Teresa, Charlene & Anna teaching the little kids
Water Balloons!


Water Balloons!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baseball Field: Opening Day!

This past Sunday, a dream came true. After many years of sharing a field with the village soccer team God has blessed GoodSports Hungary with our very own BASEBALL FIELD! This past Sunday was the first game - and the Mikepércs Black Sox won!

Attending this baseball game gave me (Kara) flashbacks to watching my brother play baseball every Saturday (for years).  Of course, this was an international event, but the atmosphere was much the same as that of a ball game in America.  The baseball mothers made Paprikas Krumpli and yummy cakes for everyone to enjoy.  I sat with an American, Hungarian and a German, explaining some of the rules as the game progressed.  The day ended with an intense discussion, between a Dutch boy and me, on proper pronoun usage for referring to the winning team.  It doesn't get much more international than that!